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Vital-Pak Courier & Logistics Co. - A Premier Chicago Logistics Company

Starting as a courier in the medical field, the Vital-Pak Courier & Logistics Company grew quickly as a highly respected and well sought after courier for many types of products, assisting businesses both large and small, as well as the residential market and elder care type errands. Over the years, Vital-Pak has expanded exponentially, and in 2012 its warehousing and order fulfillment segment of the operation became a key part of the company's success and growth. The Vital-Pak Ship Center, located in Lisle, Illinois, caters to many small and medium sized businesses, as well as many "at-home" start up businesses looking to expand in terms of space and shipment output.  For further information, please call  and speak to one of our Logistical Team members at 855-848-2572 (855-VITAL PAK).

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